Buying and Selling Altcoins

In addition to automated Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Tether buy and sell feature and option to buy or sell other coins on request, the ECD exchange allows you to buy many other altcoins quickly, easily, and safely.

In the form below, select whether you want to buy or sell any of the offered coins, define the amount of coins you want to buy or sell and send your contact information. You will be contacted as soon as possible by our customer support service who will give you precise instructions for the transaction you have initiated.

The final price is determined when the ECD records your payment. The price for the sale of these altcoins is 5% of the transaction value, and the minimum transaction value is 500,000 rsd.

If you are buying, enter the value of dinars for which you want to buy the selected cryptocurrency. If you are selling a cryptocurrency, enter the amount of coin you want to sell.
Enter the crypto address where you want to receive coins or from which you want to sell the selected cryptocurrency.