Adding trusted addresses

In order to withdraw digital assets from your ECD Wallet to an external crypto address in the safest possible way, it is necessary to add your address to the list of Trusted addresses.

Addresses can be updated in two ways and both will be covered in this guide.

Step 1
Log into your ECD account.
In the upper right corner, under your name, select the Account Settings option

Step 2
Once you have selected the account setup in the drop-down menu, select the ACCOUNTS/CRYPOADDRESS option.

When you click on the option ACCOUNTS/CRYPTOADDRESSES, a field with information about dinar accounts and Cryptoaddresses will open up. In the table for Crypto addresses, you will select the option plus – New trusted crypto address, as shown in the picture:

A box will open with details about the type of digital asset and fields for entering an address. Here you can choose whether you are adding the address for non-Exchange transactions or for ECD Wallet transactions.

Under the name, you can enter the name of the currency to which the address refers: BTC, LTC, etc.
After entering the correct address, select Add new :

The new trusted crypto address will appear in the table.

To confirm the address, you will be sent an email with a confirmation link, which you need to click:
NOTE – the link is only valid for 3 minutes

Another way you can enter a New Trusted address is via ECD Wallet: 

When you are logged into your Wallet, select the Withdraw option, which is located next to each of the offered currencies.

A new window will open:

After this you will receive an email with a confirmation link.
Following the email you will receive a notification that a new trusted address has been added.