We’ve gained great experience working with cryptocurrencies in the past few years. It covers different segments of crypto industry: mining, exchange, development of tools for crypto exchange & application for crypto payments, coping with different regulatory challenges.

That is why we are able to offer consulting services covering:

  • Accepting bitcoin payments
  • Application of blockchain technology in your business
  • Wallet opening and handling
  • Storing and handling cryptocurrencies safely and securely
  • Mining
  • Crypto regulation

Aleksandar Matanović - MSc in Digital Currency

Aleksandar has been dealing with cryptocurrencies more that 8 years. Through creation of, work in and Bitcoin Assosiation of Serbia, his goal was to spread the idea of cryptocurrencies and contribute to building a necessary infrastructure for wider adoption of this new kind of money.

After graduating at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade, he enrolled in Master program in Digital Currencies, at University of Nicosia (Cyprus). He was a part of the first generation ever to go through and successfully complete such a program.

He is a regular speaker at Crypto events such as: Decentralized (Cyprus), IDC CIO Summit (Slovenia), European Economic Forum (Poland), Kibernum Blockchain Summit (Chile), AI & Blockchain Summit (Malta), Blockchain Adria Conference (Croatia), etc.

In cooperation with Metropolitan University Belgrade, he created the first course about cryptocurrencies in Serbia, which he also lectures.