Change of personal details – First name and surname

In this article we will explain the process of how to change the name and last name within your ECD user account. Upon successful login into your ECD account the option to change your name will be unavailable. This is due to security reasons and therefore you will need to submit a request through our customer service team.

You can read more about this process and possible scenarios below.

  • Name change because of a typo error

It can occur that you accidentally entered your name incorrectly during the registration process f.e (John Smithy instead of John Smith) In this case, we kindly ask you to send us an email at [email protected] and specify your correct name and last name. This will enable our support team to make the change and notify you accordingly. 

  • First or last name change for any other reason.

In case that you changed your first or last name after you have registered, for the reason of submitting a request in a local council or you’ve gotten married in the meantime, or for any legal reason you changed your name or last name two scenarios can occur.

  • Your account is fully verified

Send us an email at [email protected] , with which you’ve registered your account, and let us know that you have changed your first or last name and we will happily make the change for you.

  • Your account is not verified

If your account is not fully verified, we kindly ask you to finish the verification procedure and then sends us an email to [email protected] where you confirm your identity (first and last name) that is stated on your personal document that you submitted for verification purposes. 

With this we conclude the process or changing the name/last name on your user account.