Customer zones, transaction list and how they relate to your account

Customer zones represent the status of your ECD account in terms of transaction fees, which depend on your achieved turnover during the last 90 days.

There are three customer zones on ECD platform:

  1. Casual – this is the initial status of your account. If your turnover is up to 100 000 RSD, the fee for buy or sell transactions will be 4.7%.
  2. Active – if your turnover in the last 90 days is between 100 000 and 250 000 RSD, the fee will be 4.4%.
  3. Trust – If your turnover is greater than 250 000 RSD in the last 90 days, this puts you in our trust zone where the fee for buy or sell transactions will be 3.7%.

Any time you’re logged onto the ECD platform, you can check your current user status under Transactions. On the same page, you’ll be able to see your transaction history, the amount, crypto address that was used and time of execution.

Important note – If you would like to cancel a transaction, you can do so by clicking on the red X sign on the right side (under Action), next to the transaction in question. Please bear in mind that you should only cancel the transaction if the payment hasn’t been made. If you’ve already made payment or sent crypto, please contact our customer service so that we can assist further.