How to choose the correct protocol?

Below we will go through instructions on how to choose the correct protocol when purchasing crypto (in this case USDT)

On the first window a page opens where we need to select one of the offered protocols as the first step through which we want to receive the cryptocurrency. We enter the amount in RSD or the amount of cryptocurrency we would like to purchase.

We can see the selection of protocols on the next page and by clicking on the drop down menu, all available protocols appear. After we have successfully selected the desired protocol and entered all the other data that is necessary, we continue the process by simply clicking on the submit request field.

The next page is considered to be a double check. Here it is clearly indicated which protocol the user has selected, as well as information that if the wrong protocol is selected by mistake there may be a loss of funds.

It is necessary to select the checkbox I confirm that I have selected the desired protocol in order to be able to select the submit request field, which can be seen in the following image.

We will receive an email with instructions that contain a link that must be confirmed in order to continue the transaction.

After that, a field with information about the seller and the order opens and it is necessary to mark both checkboxes that appear in order to agree with the information they contain. After that, by selecting submit a request, the creation of the purchase request has been completed.