ECD Wallet App

Instructions and pictures found below are for users that are using an IOS device, however Android follows the same pattern.

The first step is logging into your ECD wallet.


Page – Wallet – shows the balance of your wallet.
On this page you can find all your crypto, the exact amount of each different one, along with their value in Dinars (RSD).


Page – Transactions – shows a list of all your transactions, chronologically, along with all the rewards you received. Dates are on the right side of the page along with the type of transaction that was completed – buy, sell, deposit, withdraw, reward.

By clicking on the plus, you have a couple of options

  • Add a currency to your wallet
  • Deposit
  • Withdraw
  • Buy
  • Sell


Page – Referral – consists of your referral link and explanation of what it is used for.


Page – Settings

Default currency, select the default currency you want to see your crytpo/money in – Dinars, Dollars, Euro
Account Password, here you can change your ecd account password
Wallet Password, here you can change your wallet password
Face ID/Touch ID, not all devices will have this and depends on make and model
Delete Account
Important documents, here you can take a look at our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Fees

On this page you can also sign out of your account, by clicking on the button – Sign Out.