Verification of ECD account – Private entity

You have successfully registered an ECD account and it’s now time to verify your account. Verification of your ECD account allows you to use all ECD services, including crypto ATM.

Verification consists of three steps: verification of mobile phone number, general information and personal identification.

     1. Mobile phone verification

When you log in the first time, the page directs you to the beginning of the process of verifying your mobile phone number. Once you enter your phone number the verification code will be sent via SMS. Please note that you can only use a Serbian phone number and it needs to be entered in an international format (i.e. +381).

The code is valid 60 minutes from the time you clicked on Send Code. If the code is entered correctly, the page will take you to step two of the verification process.

2. General information

In this step, you’ll be required to enter your full name and current address. Please make sure that data entered needs to match the information from the personal document that will be used for identification.

3. Personal Identification

ECD offers two identification options depending on your location:

  • VIP or Dunav Union exchange office
  • ECD courier/caravan

You can read more about each process on the following link: Verification via VIP exchange office & ECD Courier – ECD