Change of phone number on my ECD account

In this article we will go through the process of how to change the phone number in your ECD user account.

Start by logging into your ECD account  and then choose the option “Login” in the upper right corner. Upon successful login, choose the arrow sign next to your name in the upper right corner and from the falling menu choose “account settings”

Now, you are on the screen where it is possible to make several changes, but in this instance you need to select an option to change the phone number. You can do that by selecting the “pen” within the box that displays your current phone number as it’s shown on the picture below.

Within the screen you are on now, you need to enter the desired phone number in the area that is highlighted on the picture and to confirm your password. Very important!  Number should be typed in in the international format.

Then select the option “change number”

Precautionary security measure will be activated and you will receive an SMS on the newly selected phone number. Very important! The SMS code that you will receive is from ECD. This way you will know that it is safe to enter the code that is found in the message.

Enter the code

Then select the option “change number”

If you have correctly inputed the new phone number and code the page will notify you that your number has been successfully changed.

In case you were unsuccessful, we kindly ask you to repeat the process.