Creating your ECD wallet

Once you log into your account, you will have the option to create an ECD Wallet on the home page.

You need to select the Create ECD Wallet option.

The prerequisites for creating an ECD Wallet are that:

  1. Personal verification is completed
  2. To have two-factor authentication activated

By clicking on option 2 , you access the activation of two-factor authentication to increase the security of your account. If MFA status is disabled, activate it.

A QR code will appear on the page that needs to be scanned with Google Authenticator. After successfully scanning the QR code in the aforementioned application, a six-digit numerical sequence will appear. That sequence of numbers changes every 30 seconds, so you need to enter the sequence during that time period.

Confirm the entered code by clicking Next step. The MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) code provides access to the ECD Wallet and must be entered every time funds are sent from the ECD Wallet for security reasons. After successfully entering the code, a series of numbers appears on the screen. It is important to save these recovery codes in a safe place. They provide access to your ECD Wallet if you happen to lose access to Google Authenticator and your MFA.

By clicking Finish settings, you confirm that you have saved recovery codes, Multifactor authentication becomes active and you can start using ECD Wallet.

After accessing the ECD Wallet, you’ll be instructed to create your wallet password.  The password provides access to the ECD Wallet and must be entered every time funds are sent from the ECD Wallet.

After confirming the password you will have completed ECD Wallet setup.

In order to use crypto on ECD Wallet, you’ll first need to activate it.

Click on Activate Currency and Activate Cash for RSD.

After that, the options Buy, Sell, Deposit, Send become available .You can find instructions at Using ECD Wallet. Instructions on how to access the ECD Wallet after activation can be found at Accessing the ECD Wallet.