Security of ECD wallet

Username and Password:

In order to access your ECD Wallet, you need to go through a standard login with a username and password

Wallet security word:

You need to choose an additional security word that would be required every time you withdraw funds from your ECD Wallet. That word is not the same as the code you enter when logging in to

During every transaction that involves sending cryptocurrency or RSD from the ECD Wallet, it is necessary to go through the step of entering the MFA and Wallet passphrase for the security of your funds.

Logging in from a new IP address:

Every time we notice that you are logging in from a new IP address, we will stop the login process due to security reasons. At the same moment, ECD will send you an email asking you to confirm that you really tried to log in to your ECD Wallet. After your confirmation, which you will be able to do simply by checking your e-mail with which you are registered on, you will be able to continue accessing the ECD Wallet.