Submitting a request to sell cryptocurrency

In this article, we will go through the process of selling cryptocurrencies on ECD . The ECD exchange supports the sale of following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USD Tether, Bitcoin Cash, USD Coin and DAI.

After successfully logging in to the  ECD exchange , next to the currency we wish to sell, choose the  Sell option.

The next page requires us to fill in the following details:

  • The amount of cryptocurrency we wish to sell.
  • Depending on the cryptocurrency, the site will generate a maximum and minimum amount that can be sold. You can also choose to enter the amount in RSD in the RSD field for easier calculation.
  • In the Coupon field you can enter a discount code, if you have one.
  • In the Bank account field, we enter the number of the residential dinar account to which the funds will be transferred. *Bear in mind that there’s a drop-down menu and you can choose to have the payment issued to your ECD Wallet.

IMPORTANT: Ethereum can be sent only through ERC20 protocol. Selecting the wrong protocol and address can lead to complete loss of funds.

If all the data is filled in correctly, we select the  Submit Request option.

In the next step, you will receive an e-mail containing the confirmation link. Click on the link. In case the e-mail message does not arrive in your inbox or  spam folder, click on the option  You did not receive an e-mail?

The link takes us back to the website. A timer is visible counting down 20 minutes, which is the time limit for submitting a request for sale if you want to achieve the Guaranteed Price.  If the crypto-currencies you send are visible on blockchain within 20 minutes of creating the request (it is necessary that the amount of crypto-currency sent corresponds to the one indicated in the request), ECD guarantees you the amount of RSD for payment.

This is the amount that was shown to you during the request process and that you received in the e-mail. If our system detects that the coins have not been sent within 20 minutes  from the creation of the request, the amount of RSD you will receive is recalculated. The recalculation is based on the current price of cryptocurrencies, from the moment your transaction is visible on the blockchain. If the price of cryptocurrency has increased, you will receive more of RSD than what was in the request. If the price of the cryptocurrency has gone down, you will receive a smaller amount of RSD than the requested amount.

As per the picture above, we need to agree with the Terms and Conditions and select the Submit request button.

On the final page of the process we can confirm the request. The crypto address that you need to send your coins is now visible. You can copy/paste it or scan the QR code through the wallet you are using, you can speed up the process.

VERY IMPORTANT!  This page shows the amount that needs to be transferred to our crypto address in order to fulfill the request. However, the  price of the transaction from your wallet, i.e. your address, must also be included in the amount. Otherwise, there is a chance that the transaction will not be automatically finalized.

RSD is transferred to your account when the transaction receives the first confirmation on the blockchain.

If the transaction is not visible on the blockchain after 3 days, the request will be canceled automatically.

This concludes the process of selling cryptocurrencies on the ECD exchange.

*If you by any chance close this window, you can easily view the payment details, by going to the transactions in the drop down menu on the right part of the screen by your name.  There you will see a table containing the list of your transactions. Choose Scan the QR code.