Video verification – step by step

Here you will find out how the video identification process works.

On the first screen you will need to fill in some general information:

  • Individual entity or Legal entity
  • Email address
  •  Password
  • Phone number
  • How you heard about us

If you’ve completed everything successfully, a message will appear on the screen to let you know. You will receive a link on your email that you need to click on in order to activate your account.

The next screen takes you to the verification of your phone number.
Once you enter your phone number, you’ll receive a six digit code in an SMS in order to confirm your number. If you have completed this step successfully, you will be able to continue with the verification process.

At this point, the process of video verification starts. You can continue via mobile phone or desktop. If you’ve started the process on your desktop, in the upper right corner you can select to continue the process on your desktop or scan the QR code on the screen to continue via mobile. Please bear in mind that you will need to take photos during this process, so if your desktop computer does not have a camera, continue with your mobile device.

Once selected, on the next screen you’ll choose whether you want to use your ID card or passport for verification.

Please make sure that the pictures taken are clear and visible, as the system will not accept blurry pictures and will ask you to try again. After taking the photos of your ID card/passport, you’ll need to take a selfie as well.

The next step is to enter details about your residential address, followed by uploading a document that provides proof the address entered is your residential one.

Subsequently, you will need to download the file Statement for politically exposed person and select YES or NO.

On the next screen, you will have to fill in the following details:

  • Residency status
  • Profession and employment status
  • Purpose of account opening
  • Do you want to receive our Newsletter
  • Do you want to receive SMS notifications

In the final step you’ll be able to read and download our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Agreement before completing the verification process. If you’ve agreed to our terms, keep an eye out on your email as video verification instructions will be sent shortly.