What is ECD wallet

ECD Wallet is a service that allows you to easily store your digital assets (cryptocurrencies) in a safe place via the ECD platform. The idea is that when you activate your ECD Wallet, only you as its user can access it. Access to the Wallet is protected by your username and password that you set up.

The code should therefore be as complex as possible. It is recommended that the password has at least one capital letter, at least one number and at least one special character.

Due to security reasons, activating MFA and Wallet security words is also a necessary step.

Through ECD Wallet you can also sell cryptocurrencies by exchanging them for RSD.

One option is that RSD from the sale of cryptocurrencies remain in your ECD Wallet. In that case, you can simply and quickly buy cryptocurrencies again at any time for the same RSD through ECD Wallet or withdraw RSD to your bank account at any time. Another option is to send RSD from the sale of cryptocurrency immediately to your bank account.

Similar options are available to you when it comes to cryptocurrencies. If you buy them, you can specify that the crypto-currencies are sent to the crypto-address linked to your ECD Wallet or choose another crypto-address to which you want to send the crypto-currencies from the ECD Wallet.

ECD Wallet is a service available to users who have completed the account verification process.

ECD uses the Fireblocks infrastructure as a platform for securely storing cryptocurrencies.